FL4A celebrates Navy Federal Credit Union in our FL4A Member Spotlight during this #MilitaryAppreciationMonth. As the nation’s largest credit union, Navy Federal champions financial education and wellness throughout the United States military community. Navy Federal is honored to serve those who serve, and we at FL4A are honored to have Navy Federal in our coalition to make financial literacy for all a fundamental part of our nation.

McDonald’s and Paramount Among Latest Top-Tier Organizations to Join the Financial Literacy for All Movement

December 8, 2023 – Financial Literacy for All (FL4A), a national initiative dedicated to embedding financial literacy into the nation’s schools, workplaces, communities, and culture, today announced that McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) and Paramount Global (Nasdaq: PARA, PARAA) have joined a coalition of nearly 50 leading… Read More…


We believe that financial literacy is the civil rights issue of this generation. Financial literacy empowers all of us to make smart decisions – how to budget, save, borrow, and invest.  It helps us buy a car, a house or pay for school. Conversely, the lack of financial knowledge creates barriers to fully participate in the economy, and in turn, the American Dream.



Leadership: at the top.

Embedded: into the business plan of America.

Properly Resourced.

Committed: for a decade.

Relevant: to the intended audience.


  • Engage broadly. We seek to create a groundswell for financial literacy so that everyone is welcomed. Our movement is more than just a program, organization, or employer.
  • Embed equity. Financial and racial equity will be at the heart of this movement. It will feature cultural sensitivity, inclusive design and age appropriate programs.
  • Embrace creativity. Rely upon the creativity and expertise of member organizations to ensure financial literacy becomes part of day-to-day life.
  • Stay Flexible. Collaborate on solutions to maximize the reach and results of our collective and company-specific efforts.


Given the importance and societal impact of financial literacy and with a goal to expand people’s access to opportunities, these organizations are acting now – leveraging their innovative content and creative expertise to maximize the benefits in their daily interaction with millions of employees, clients, customers and suppliers. This collective effort to spur a national movement of financial capability is supported by focusing on:

  • Making financial literacy easier to understand and generating public awareness of its importance by directly connecting with working adults.

  • Targeted outreach to middle and high school students as well as those attending community college and 4-year universities with innovative outreach using existing “Best Practices” from both the private and public sectors.

Learn how the 2022 HOPE Global Forums brought together leaders such as the CEOs of Walmart, Delta Air Lines and other companies to talk about “silver rights” and the power of financial literacy. 




Tell us about your organization, and we’ll reach out to you with more information about how to get involved.

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